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Today, internet access networks are owned by centralized, usually monopolistic ISPs. The ISP owns all the routers and networking hardware, and charges for their use with a monthly fee. In most areas, there are only one or two options. If you don’t like their rates or their service, there isn’t much you can do about it. Competing with them would involve starting your own ISP, large enough to be a self sustaining business—which isn’t a feasible option for most.

Althea makes this possible. Our team supports the creation of new networks built by and for communities, powered by our routers which pay each other for bandwidth. This allows people to set up “decentralized ISPs” in their communities, and easily manage and grow them. We’re working with communities all over the world to set up test deployments of our routers now, and are looking for partners and collaborators interested in setting up their own. If this is you, see the Get Involved section to get in touch.

Our Team

Jehan Tremback

Dropped out of art school, learned to code. Software consultant for the past 5 years. Volunteer for the past 3 years with peoplesopen.net, a mesh network in Oakland.

Justin Kilpatrick

Background in devops and performance engineering, previously worked at Red Hat, ran a very large Minecraft server (Civcraft) where players could create their own versions of society.

Deborah Simpier

Active in the Pacific Northwest mesh networking and net neutrality scene for several years. Before she became a co-founder, she was Althea’s first user. Also runs a computer repair shop and a farm.

Stan Drozd

Background in low level embedded and driver programming, specializing in GNU/Linux. Has a commit in mainline Linux.

Ben Wang

Background in Rust city simulation development, launched 2 kickstarters for a new type of breadboard, and an improved wake-on-lan board design.

Adam Soltys

Worked as a developer and IT guy for government and enterprise for 10 years before getting into open source software, yoga, permaculture, anarchy and crypto. Ran an organic veggie farm for two years. Volunteers at community gardens and the Dctrl hackerspace. Lives at the edge of a forest in the foothills of Vancouver’s north shore mountains with his wife and daughter.


In the Mesh - Althea deploys in rural Oregon

Clatskanie, a small town in northwestern Oregon, is becoming one of the first communities in the world to deploy an Althea incentived mesh network. The goal is to provide residents with affordable, dependable internet access, and create a network that can serve as an alternative to incumbent ISPs.


Our core team is growing—we’re looking for people that are focus driven, have a proactive work ethic, and are passionate about our mission. We are an open source company who believes in decentralized systems, so our team is distributed as well. See our latest job postings here.